I’m Luis and do things related to music, usually involving computers or other electronic contraptions. Some of these things happen in concert halls, others on the internet. While I’m still working on expanding this site, feel free to have a look at my Bandcamp or Spotify pages.

some of my releases around the internet:

Re-Cartographies (2024)

Encounters while navigating the seas of silence… Quiet chamber music for ensemble: sometimes pure, sometimes dissolved into ambient baths. Edition of 100 CDs via whitelabrecs (uk).

CDs: https://whitelabrecs.bandcamp.com/album/re-cartographies

Buy/Stream: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/luismiehlich/re-cartographies


Made with:

Elisa Wörner – Violin
Viola Bürck – Violin
Tristan Dorn – Viola
Kevin Santana – Cello
Haeseong Seo – Alto Flute
Manuela Pinto – Clarinet
Laura Mingo Perez – Piano
Marius Jentschke – Guitar
Franziska Kewes – Vocals, Lyrics
Luka Swoboda – Engineering
James Edward Armstrong – Mastering

Home Diaries 30 (2020)

Released on whitelabrecs (UK). Lockdown ponderings on how to stretch time.

Currents (2020)

Released on Inner Space Travels (Berlin). Continuing Koyomi’s hardware exploration with a different sound.

Koyomi (2019)

A musical calendar of imperfections. Recorded live with a neglected hardware setup.

Timecuts (2019)

Released on whitelabrecs (UK). Finding the new in the old and asking friends to do the same.

Silences (2018)

Released on Archives (Spain).

some of my pieces and concert projects:

Re-cartographies (2023) – solo concert programme
Cartographies (2023) – work cycle for ensemble and electronics
Aszension (2022) – for lute instruments and electronics
Intermorphoses (2022) – collaborative chamber opera for soprano, performer and ensemble
Abfahrt (2022) – site specific performative sound installation for train station
Innate Organicities (2021) – multi-channel fixed media
Echoes of Venice (2020 – 2023) – evolving audio/video work cycle
Music for Clouds (2020) – site specific sound installation
Silberwelle (2020) – for soprano, tenor, ensemble and electronics
Aki (2019) – for ensemble